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How to choose the correct Replacement Lamp or Bulb

Choosing and replacing your projector Lamp/Bulb can be very confusing and sometimes expensive, if you are not familiar with these products. offers 3 varieties of replacement products -

Manufacturer Replacements, OEM Replacements, and OEM Compatible Replacements.

Manufacturer Replacements - are replacement lamps and bulbs that are branded from the manufacturer, come in manufacturer packaging and are identical to the original.

OEM Replacements - OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. These are replacement lamps and bulbs that have been assembled by the same manufacturer as the original brand of your projector, but may not come in manufacturer branded packaging.

OEM Compatible or Equivalent - are an exact replica of the same OEM projector lamp but manufactured by a different company. The bulb itself in the lamp assembly may be different as well, but the specs/design of the bulb are guaranteed to be 100% compatible with the OEM lamp. The manufacturers of OEM Compatible lamps either buy the rights to the OEM lamp, reverse engineer it, or assemble it with OEM parts at their own facilities

You have OPTIONS!

Advantages and Disadvantages

Manufacturer Replacements

Advantage - You are guaranteed the highest quality available, the best lamp life, and the peace of mind that you are purchasing a product your Projectors brands name and reputation behind it.

Disadvantage - It's the most expensive option you can choose.

OEM Replacements

Advantage - You are again guaranteed the highest quality available and the best lamp life, since they come from the manufacturer. Less expensive than the Manufacturer Replacements.

Disadvantage - More expensive than the OEM Compatible replacements. Availability can sometimes be a problem, due to the normal cycle of manufacturing replacement parts.

OEM Compatible

Advantage - Lowest price! Depending on the lamp and brand, you can save significantly more when you purchase an OEM compatible product. Another benefit, is that sometimes the product availability is better, since the product is being manufactured independently.

Disadvantage - Variable lamp and bulb life in comparison to the original manufacturer. Manufactured in the least expensive manner.