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Elite Screens is an award winning manufacturer of projector screens for today's retail consumer. They provide numerous model types, aspect ratios and sizes with twice the industry standard in warranty coverage. The Alltec Stores professional staff have contributed greatly to this role as one of the leading resellers of projection screens for the retail market.
Barry Coles
Vice President
Elite Screens

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Elite Screens Item #: ZR800D -

ZR800D Universal Learning IR Remote Features Macro Key store a sequence of 10 commands Controls up to 8 devices including DVD players, TVs, Satellite Receivers, VCRs, Elite screens, Projectors, AUX1s and AUX2s. Learn the IR codes from existing remote controls to quickly set up devices Pre-programmed manufacturer’s device codes for many models Programmable buttons for each device key and 53 hard buttons Light keys with fluorescence materials injected into the keys Code memory storage Low...

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Elite Screens Item #: ZSP-TR03 -

Elite Screens Remote For Electric Wall and Ceiling Screens Features Wireless Radio Frequency 5-12 volt trigger automatically controls your Elite electric screens up/down with your projector's power cycle RF (radio frequency) technology allows control up to 60 feet away Eliminates the need to wire the connection from your projector to the screen for a clean installation Long lasting battery life support up to two years or 2,000 up/down cycles Trigger is only compatible with V2.0 screens FAQ?s...